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Some guns

When my partner told me he had a big surprise for me on our third anniversary of the relationship, I was excited and excited, too, because I had no idea what kind of surprise my boyfriend might have prepared. And then when I asked my friend what it could possibly be, because she knew it too, she just smiled and didn`t want to tell me anything at all. It makes perfect sense that my friend won`t tell me anything when my partner has a big surprise for me on our anniversary. But I`m very anxious and impatient, so I wanted to know everything right away. My friend was almost starting to talk, but luckily my friend interrupted. Because my friend is such a chicken.

Silver gun.

So she`d like to always tell everyone everything. Only later, when I went to make the beds, I noticed a flyer. It said shooting range in Prague. I was surprised because about shooting range I`d never heard of real shooting. It hadn`t even occurred to me that the shooting range might just be the surprise my boyfriend has for me. I was quite surprised when my boyfriend, afterwards, told me that the shooting range was the surprise he wanted to give me on our anniversary of the relationship.

Gun and girl.

I was shocked. How can I fire a gun if I don`t have a gun license and I`ve never held a gun before? I was surprised, but on the one hand, I thought, why not give this a try. We only live once and life is short, so why can`t I try shooting a gun in the shooting range? So me and my boyfriend and even my friend went on a trip to Prague. First we had a great lunch and then we visited the shooting range. It`s really nice here. It`s all over the place, safe. And there are security measures, so you don`t have to worry about getting hurt. The weapons here are clean and varied, so you can also choose the weapon you want. Do you want try this?